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Hey guys! To make my blog more organized I'm going to start to post reviews for New and Upcoming Releases on this page. This page will mainly consist of reviews for books that I  requested on NetGalley or Xpresso Book tours and was accepted. General reviews will be posted on my front page so look here for my thoughts on the latest books! 🤗😚

Sam Crescent - The Biker's Desire

Posted on 11th September 2017

Another awesome MC Romance from Sam Crescent!

Rock, the President of the Satan's Demons Mc has always been in love with his cleaner Adele although she doesn't know it.

Adele always had this wild attraction to Rock but doesn't think he's interested in her and her plus size body.

When Rock made his move, he showed Adele just how completely he loves her and her body which I loveee about Sam Crescent's books. Although Adele is a civilian, Rock shows her that she's a perfect addition to him and his club. Well done Sam Crescent!

Lani Lynn Vale - Pitch Please

Posted on 8th September 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

First off, I loveeeee Hancock! His character made this book so freaking awesome and Sway is his perfect match!

Being a female in a male dominated industry Sway doesn't has it easy. Being curvy has also made things harder for Sway until she meets her baseball crush Hancock.

Hancock can't keep his eyes off his team's head athletic trainer and can't hide the effect she has on him. He trys to hide is attraction to Sway but when he falls sick with sexy Sway as his caretaker he throws caution out the window.

I loved this book from beginning to end (like all Lani's work) but this book is by far my favourite of her's so far. I loved the way Hancock defends her and makes it known that Sway is absolutely his. If you're looking for an alpha male who's sexy, dominant and filterless look no further than Lani Lynn Vale's Pitch Please I'm rating this book 5 amazing stars!!!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Rachael Duncan - At her Own Risk

Posted on 14th August 2017

This book was one of the most heart touching stories I've ever read.

After her first heartbreak, Paige was determined to steer clear of love and smooth-talking men. Only one man tempts her and she finds her walls crumbling around him an she's pleasantly surprised when she discovers the man under all the bad jokes.

Sean has always been attracted to Paige and her disdain towards him made it all the more challenging to get closer to her. Finally he gets her to admit her feelings towards him when tragedy struck.

I cried so hard reading this book. It managed to capture all the heartbreak and pain someone goes through in that type of situation. I applaud the author for her writing style because she made sure the reader felt exactly what the H/H, loved ones felt. The author didn't shy away from the topic but made sure it wasn't cut an dry as some of us like to think it is. This book is definitely a five 🌟read.

Samantha Kane - Misconduct

Posted on 8th August 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

My first Samantha Kane and I have to say I AM HOOKED!

With MFM books you never really know what to expect but this book was a pleasant surprise. It was so enjoyable to read, I could barely put this book down.

After being injured in Afghanistan, Carmina has alot of issues that she needs to deal with. What she wasn't expecting, was her insane attraction to Danny and Tom, two INSANELY hot guys.
With all of them dealing with personal issues, it was a fun read. They came together perfectly and of course sooo steamy!!

I really did enjoy this book. Great job Samantha Kane!!

Jennifer Hoopes - Her Cowboy's Promise

Posted on 8th August 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

After tragedy forces Emily to move to Fly Creek, she decides to open up her own business.
Adam, after a promise made to his deceased cousin, comes to Fly Creek to help Emily move on but their instant attraction, and Adam's secrets may have unexpected reactions.

This story was a very emotional read but i loved reading Emily's journey. The author captured and wrote this story beautifully. I loved it!!


Evangeline Anderson - Stone Cold Fox

Posted on 5th August 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

Another step into Evangeline Anderson's amazing shifter world.

Witches and Shifters! Who wouldn't love that combination. I enjoyed this story so much but fell in love with its characters more.

After being thrown out of her coven because of mysterious changes in her body that Jo can't explain or understand, Jo is on the run from evil forces and beast changing men. After stumbling upon a house in the woods, Jo meets the irresistible, terrifying (to her) Reese.

Reese is surprised to find a Juvie in his barn but can't help but me drawn to her but Jo has a past with memories that haunt her everyday an is the reason why Reese tries to keep his distance.

I loved reading these two come together because Reese is just a sweetheart and Jo's story was just so heartbreaking. The characters came together well in this book an I just love reading a new, different world of shifters. Five 🌟 guys!

Katie Reus - Falling for His Mate

Posted on 4th August 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

A wonderful Second Chance Shifter Romance!

After being abandoned by her mate, wolf shifter Charlie decides to leave her pack an tries to move on.
When Andrew realises how much he hurt his mate and possibly destroyed any chance with her, he his determined to fix things an make it right with his mate.

This book was a short enjoyable read with lots of groveling but also alot of passion an love. Andrew had alot of issues that he needed to work out an there was alot of character development on his part.

I liked that Charlie didn't immediately forgive an she made him work for it. This was a short enjoyable 5 🌟read!

Opal Carew - Drilled

Posted on 25th July 2017

*** Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review ***

I had alot of mixed feelings whike reading this book. While the blurb had me expecting a hot, steamy read, I was a bit disappointed.

Dannie is a female working in a male dominated field, goes to her job's latest project to fix done sloppy mistakes from her co-workers who ignore her opinions because of her gender. There she meets billionaires Evan and Blake. She feels this instant attraction to both of them but is unsure about sleeping with two guys at the same time.

This story quickly took off and there was some very hot and steamy  sex scenes involved but coverall I felt that this story was rushed. Although it wasn't a lengthy read, I felt that the story could've been developed more. Although everything happened quickly, there was character development on Dannie's side but not so much from Blake and Evan. I am still going to reccomend this book because everyone won't feel the same way and this book was still a nice romance book.

Publication Date: 25th July 2017

Suzanne Brockmann - Some kind Of Hero

Posted on 15th July 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

This book starts with Shayla being flagged down by her hot Navy Seal neighbor who thought  he saw his missing daughter in a strange car.
Peter who is new to the parenting world is unsure an has a turbulent relationship with his teenage daughter Maddie. 
Maddie is on the run with alot of danger following and is determined to find the girl who framed her. With the help of a friend Dingo, Maddie is on the run with her father one step behind. While still grieving the death of her mother.

What I liked most about this book was that Peter with the help of Shayla manages to build a trusting blooming relationship with Maddie through a series of messages that helped his daughter understand her father's relationship with her deceased mother.
Shayla managed to be a perfect fit for Peter with her imaginative thinking and her quirky ways. This book could be read as a stand-alone because the focus was mainly on Peter, Shayla and Maddie.

This was a nice romantic suspense with love humour and danger perfectly mixed in.

Publication Date: 12th July 2017

Shona Husk - Diving into Trouble

Posted on 4th July 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

While this book was off to slow start for me, it quickly picked up and turned out to be a great book. What first attracted me to this book was the cover then I read the blurb and I HAD to have it. When your one-night stand turns out to be your co-worker, it leads to alot of sexual tension and steamy scenes. Normally with Navy/Military romance, the male is always the alpha type but this book was different, with the male being a chef and the female being a marine technician.

Kurt, unsure what to do with his life and only a few weeks to figure it out decides to let off some steam with an attractive stranger he meets at a bar. He enjoyed the time with her and wants to meet her again but imagine his surprise when she turns up as his co-worker on the submarine.

Rainy was a bit skeptical about Kurt keeping their past a secret but soon they're unable to stay away from each other. 
I really liked that they mainly kept their blooming relationship off the sub but the writing style was amazing and this book came together perfectly. Full 5 🌟 earned!

PUBLICATION DATE: 12th July 2017

Piper Sullivan - The Cowboy's Fake Fiancée

Posted on 1st July 2017

*** Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review ***

This book was an amazing, short, sexy read. I loved this book from beginning to end and Lily won a special place in my heart with her adorable personality. Mason was a bit stubborn but it's to be expected. Lol.

Sage has been in love with her brother's best friend Mason for as long as she could remember. Mason is a sexy single dad to an amazingly cute little girl an is a bit closed-off after his daughter's mother.

When placed in a situation where he has to pretend to be engaged to Sage, lust and chemistry flares between them.

But will Mason man up and realise his love for Sage or will he lose her for good?? 😉

Publication Date: 1st July 2017

Lani Lynn Vale - The Beard Made Me Do It

Posted on 29th June 2017

I'm a huge fan of Lani Lynn Vale's work. I enjoy all her books because they're always the perfect combination of humour, love and heartbreak and you can honestly get lost in her stories.
I wasn't really too sure what to expect from this story because in the other books, Jessie was was a prospect who we didn't know much about. From the blurb I knew it was gonna be a heartbreaking story but it still managed to surprise me by how emotional this book had me.

After disappearing from her life, Ellen hasn't been able to forget or move on from her teenage love Jessie James.
Jessie, after overhearing a conversation, decides that Ellen is better off without him and his son in her life. When fate brought them back together, Jessie's behaviour towards Ellen and him trying to push her away, it broke my heart every single time.
Even after all those years, neither can deny their love or the blazing hot chemistry between them. 

With the ex from hell hell-bent on ruining his life and relationship with Ellen, Jessie has to trust Ellen and his club to stick by him.

PUBLICATION DATE: 28th June 2017

FiFi Flowers - Martini Sunday

Posted on 26th June 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

Wow. Although I've heard about the Hookup Cafe series before, I haven't actually read any of them. But if I'm gonna judge from this book, this series has got to be awesome!

Vixen Dupree is the owner of a funky martini bar. After fleeing and looking for a safe place for her and her son, Vixen has hired a sexy bodyguard to keep her son safe. The only problem is, she can't stop thinking about him.

Sutton Beauclaire has been attracted to Vixen since he started working for her. He hopes to one day have a family with Vixen and her son Dawson.

Just when things get started between them her ex-husband does the unthinkable. With Sutton help and support Vixen manages to overcome a devastating situation with some pleasant surprises thrown in.


Lois Greiman - Angel Down

Posted on 25th June 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

Gabriel Durrand is on a one man, unsanctioned recovery mission for his wingman Linus Shepherd who has failed to return from a mission. He then decides to hire an interpreter. After a case of mistaken identity, he realize that the woman he's been hitting on in the bar, is his interpreter.

Jennifer Edwards is unsatisfied with her job after being passed over for a promotion and after a rocky start she agrees to go to Columbia with Gabe. With both of them extremely headstrong and stubborn there were quite a few disagreements between them.

I didn't really grow to love Jennifer as a character in this book. To me, she placed herself in unnecessary risks just to prove she can take care of herself but when in those situations, her reaction isn't what you would expect from an experienced professional. But with Gabe being the surly, cold type somehow Jennifer managed to be the perfect match for Gabe because she's not one to just fall in line.

Overall it was an okay read with alot of action and sexual tension. 

PUBLICATION DATE: 26th June 2017

Brit Ryder - Shameless

Posted on 20th June 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***


A hot and very steamy erotic story.

This is the first lesbian erotic story that I reviewed and honestly........ the sex scenes are even better than some M/F erotica. Normally with gay romance, the sex secenes aren't much to look forward to but this story was sooo very detailed. I LOVED IT!

It's a short read, a nice little teaser that leaves you wanting more. I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of this steamy story. You guys should definitely check it out!

PUBLICATION DATE: 20th June 2017

Suzanne Rock - Protecting His Interests

Posted on 19th June 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***


Male escorts and serial killers.

This book was a romantic story of an undercover cop playing the role if a male escort to catch a serial killer targeting male escort. While the storyline was interesting, I wasn't really too pleased with this story. Based on the cover I was expecting Special Agent Gabriel Ferreira to be ALL alpha male but sadly he wasn't. The conversation between Gabriel and his old high school sweetheart Scarlett Bishop wasn't enticing as you would expect.

Scarlett, because of her opinion of cops and how they appeared to her peers wasn't one of my favorite characters. 

The story wasn't bad but because I was expecting more it won't be on of my favorite reads.

Although I didn't particularly enjoy this story others have. So you guys can check it out and you never know you just might love it.

PUBLICATION DATE: 20th June 2017

Robin Lovett - Deceiver

Posted on 17th June 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest***

Another mind blowing Dark Romamce from Robin Lovett. This series is seriously turning out to be one of the best series I've read so far. The twist in this story just made this book so awesome.
Blake Vandershall is out to ruin a man's life...... through his daughter. Unable to move on from his mother's murder, Blake is determined to see Emmett Novell in misery. He plots to get his revenge by using Daisy Novell. What he wasn't expecting was the explosive chemistry between them.
Daisy met him every step of the way, not accepting her faith at all. Everytime they butt heads, they ended up having some steamy sex.
Daisy wants to uncover every single one of Blake's secrets and instead ends up falling for him and is determined to help him move on. 
I wasn't expecting Blake's history to be so heartbreaking but I looked forward to everytime him and Daisy clashed. The way she got him to open up and the strength she uses to deal with him made this book one of my favorite.
This was an amazing Dark Revenge Romance with lots of steamy sex but also alot of heartbreaking scenes. There isn't enough stars for me to properly rate this book. It was just that good! You guys definitely need to read this book.

PUBLICATION DATE: 11th July 2017

Gena Showalter - The Darkest Promise

Posted on 16th June 2017


We've all been waiting for this book and I'm happy to say it didn't disappoint. When I was first introduced to The Lords of the Underworld, I've always has this fascination with Cameo. Cameo is possessed by the demon Misery and isn't allowed to experience joy. Her voice, even her presence brings sorrow to everyone around her. I was dying to know just who her special person was and when we met Lazarus in the previous books, I just knew he was the one.Lazarus came across as this arrogant playboy who didn't really care about anyone else but when he met Cameo, by the interaction between them I realised there was more to him.

With images of her and this mysterious stranger, Cameo travels to this mystical land to find out more about him after her memories were wiped by her demon Misery. King Lazarus knows Cameo is the one for him and he's determined to seduce her and nake her smile but while Cameo completes his heart, she is also his downfall. His mind tells him to let her go or risk his life while his heart says damn the consequences.

Cameo is determined to know more about Lazarus and make the most of their time together before her memory is wiped. While actively searching for Pandora's box and battling their enemies, their love story stole my heart and is now my favorite.

Their story seemed so heartbreaking and while you knew they would get their happily ever after, I was still hoping for their happily ever after. Lazarus is nothing like he seemed in previous books. The depths of his feelings for Cameo made me fall in love with this story. 5 🌟

PUBLICATION DATE: 13th June 2017

Say Yes to the Scot - A Highland Wedding Box Set

Posted on 7th June 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

I LOVED THIS! I am a HUGE fan of highlander romances and this one was a pleasure to read. Four incredible authors came together and produced this amazing work of art which I thoroughly enjoyed.

How a Lass wed a Highlander - Lecia Cornwall

This was a classic tale of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After overhearing her betrothed plot a raid on Laird Alex Munro's holdings, Cait MacLeod sets out after the riders in hopes of warning Laird Munro. When Alex hears of raiders on his land he immediately goes to protect his people. While saving a lost child, Cait is found by Alex who assumes she is kidnapping the child and he immediately takes her as his prisoner.
Cait is determined to prove her identity but can't helps falling for Alex although he has four other lasses he's supposed to be courting to find a suitable wife.
What I liked most about this book was that although Cait was technically a prisoner, she wasn't treated as such. His clan and their laird can't help falling for her. But the danger to his clan isn't over yet. 😉 Turns out she was in the perfect place at the best time.

A Match made in Heather - Anna Harrington 

Garrick and Arabel has always been in love with other. When Arabel choose her family instead of running away to elope with him, Garrick was heartbroken. Years later when a shared inheritance forces them back together, Garrick realises he still loves Arabel although he swore revenge on her and her family. Arabel knows her love for Garrick will never fade although she's engaged woth her wedding weeks away.
Forced to live together for a month they both try to stay away from each other but love and passion keeps pulling them back together. I loved both characters in this book. They both feels wronged by the other and needs to forgive and forget if they want their happily ever after. This was a really really heart touching love story. I ❤ it!

A Midsummer Wedding - May McGoldrick

Betrothed for years, both Alexander and Elizabeth aren't taken with the idea of being married. Both determined to break the marriage contract but remain with their honour intact, this was a nice romantic comedy. Elizabeth once yearned for the day she would marry Alexander but as the years pass, so does her want for the marriage.
Plotting a scheme to make Alexander think her heart's taken by another lands her alone with Alexander in a deserted shack while a storm rages on. Both of them are stubborn as hell but the heat between them was just soo hot! I loved reading them fall and enjoyed every word of it. I was surprised by the scene with the king (I did not see that coming) but everything came together perfectly. Five 🌟 guys!

The Scot Says I Do - Sabrina York

This was my favorite of all because you don't always find romance books where the male is the first to openly declare his love. Duncan has loved Catherine for ages, even when it would be deemed unacceptable. When her brother gambles away everything and Duncan buys his debt, Catherine is shocked when he proposed marriage to take care of the debts. 
It was nice reading them come together because Duncan's feelings for Catherine is visible to everyone else but Catherine. Duncan stole my heart with the depth of his love for Catherine. This book is definitely a five 🌟 read.

This whole book came together well and I was sad to see it end. Four completely different love stories that you can't help but fall in love with. I'm recommending this book to everyone.

PUBLICATION DATE: 20th June 2017

Virna DePaul - Lip Action

Posted on 5th June 2017

*** Received a reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review ***

First thing though, check out that cover guys!!! Lol
On a serious note I really enjoyed this book. It was well written and flowed easily. I practically inhaled this book in two hours.
Simon with his sexy British accent, stole my heart from the beginning. Simon is on the verge of landing a major role in an upcoming movie but needs to show the producers that he's a changed man an in a stable relationship. After witnessing a scene with Marissa and her mother, he sees the perfect opportunity to her both her and the movie role.
Marissa with her shy ways was just too adorable.
Marissa is shocked when a stranger saves her by pretending to be her boyfriend and even more shocked when she recognised him as her actor crush. 
With neither of them expecting their fake relationship to grow real feelings, it was so awesome to read them falling in love. But with Simon keeping secrets and Marissa's cheating ex in the picture I promise you this book was anything but boring.

Addison Fox - Forever Yours

Posted on 5th June 2017

*** Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review ***

This was a very nice interracial romance story of unrequited love. Jasmine Shane has been in love with her best friend's brother Cade Rossi for twenty years. Ever since she was a child she has had feelings for him but she's convinced he doesn't see her as anything other than his sister's best friend.

Cade always had a soft spot for Jasmine and ever since her attack, has found his feelings towards her growing but Jasmine seems to run every time he goes near. When dangers from her past threatens her, Cade vows to do everything in his power to protect her and keep her safe.

I enjoyed this love story although it wasn't a lengthy read the author managed to make it seem like a full-length novel with lots of love. Although I'm normally skeptical when it comes to this type of stories where unrequited love is involved, I really enjoyed this book.

PUBLICATION DATE: 13th June 2017

Julianna Keyes - My Roommate's Girl

Posted on: 4th June 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

I went into this book with little to no expectation an I gotta admit I was surprised. In the blurb we learned that Aidan had a choice between jail or college. He choose college where he met Aster, his roommate's girlfriend. He then decides to break them up for his chance with Aster.
Aidan just might get everything he wants IF he is able to leave his past in the past.
I really felt for Jerry in this story and even while I was reading, I was wondering how and if this book was gonna work out. I was surprised to actually like Aidan and his character growth was astonishing. Well done!

PUBLICATION DATE: 12th June 2017

Jean Marie Bauhaus - Kindred Spirits

Posted on: 4th June 2017

*** Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review ***

Although I didn't read book one of this series, I really enjoyed Kinded Spirits.
Chris sees dead people and always tries her best to help them communicate to loved ones and to cross over if possible. She lives in a haunted house with the very protective ghost of her deceased sister Ron and another ghost Joe. When crime reporter Derek destroys Chris's reputation and labels her a con artist, Ron is determined to set him straight.
Ron encounters the ghost of Derek's deceased brother Jimmy who was murdered and is trying to communicate with Derek.
Chris with the help of Jimmy and Ron, now has to convince Derek she's being truthful while also trying to help Jimmy be at peace by solving his murder. The murderer is determined to keep their secret and Chris and Derek has to solve this mystery but make it out alive.
This book was funny and also an easy read. Those of you who loves mystery romances, this book is just the book for you.

PUBLICATION DATE: 27th June 2017

Linda Tillis - A Man With A Pure Heart

Posted on 3rd June 2017

*** Received a reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review ***

This book was a really nice romance with just a slight touch of paranormal. While there wasn't any sex aspects, the hero and heroine  fell in love the old fashion way and it was great to read.

Samuel Hinton is a police detective who's investigating the murder of the school teacher. Looking for answers about her sister's murder Kathleen Campbell travels to rural Florida where she meets Samuel. Although she's grieving, Kathleen can't deny the feelings she has for Samuel.

Samuel and his team are working hard to find her sister's murderer while trying to keep Kathleen and the whole town safe.It was a really nice, enjoyable, short story with insights to the other character's thoughts.

Overall it was great!

Publication Date: 3rd May 2017

Robin Lovett - Stranger

Posted on 2nd June 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***


Stranger is a dark stalker romance which I absolutely adored. Logan stares at her from far despising everything she stands for. Despising HER. He's out for revenge and absolutely nothing will stand in his way. Logan feels hate and rage when he's around her but even his quest for  revenge can't deny his sexual attraction to Penny. The sex was off the charts HOT! 

Penny is still grieving the lost of her father and the secrets Logan holds can completely discredit everything she knows. This story was a bit heartbreaking and when I found out why Logan was out for revenge by heart broke a little. With blackmail and a burning hot passion between them, I loved reading and watching them fall in love.

 Even the preview of the next book got me hooked. I'm totally recommending this book guys!

PUBLICATION DATE: 13th June 2017

Leslie North - Stirring Up the Sheriff

Posted on 1st June 2017

***Received a reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

I loved it!!! Everything about this book was awesome. Matter of fact this ENTIRE series was great. I've read and reviewed the previous books of this series and this story didn't disappoint.

Trent is the sheriff of Lockhat Bend and one of the Wild brothers. He met Marianne when her aunt asked him to look out for her and help her with her transition to Lockhat Bend. Marianne bought her aunts Honky Tonk and plans to turn it into a successful brewery.

Trent isn't too sure how the town or it's citizens will welcome these changes but plans to look out for her regardless.

Both of them didn't plan on being attracted to each other but the passion between them was just so hot.

Marianne has to learn to trust and open up to Trent if she wants her happily ever after.

Guys this book was published TODAY do check it out now. I promise you wont be disappointed!


Elizabeth Hayley - The Bet

Posted on 26th May 2017

*** Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review ***

LOVED IT!!!!! It's been awhile since I've read a book that really really captured my attention like this book. There was just something about this book I just couldn't put it down.

Alessandra is a doctor who is very blunt and with her you always know where you stand. Through one of her patients Aly met Jace and her you could tell she wasn't impressed. Jace is a famous quarterback and is accustomed to everyone knowing him and liking what they see. Due to a bet Jace asks Aly out and as you have it due to another bet Aly was forced to accept.

Their story just takes off from there and it was an amazing journey. There were parts of this book that had me on edge, which I totally hated but still really loved. I AM totally recommending this book. I guarantee you a funny, sexy, passionate story. Pre-order now guys!!!

PUBLICATION DATE: 27th June 2017

Skye Taylor - Iain's Plaid

Posted on 26th May 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

So normally I'm not a big fan of time traveling stories, but this one I did enjoy. Unhappy with her life and looking for an adventure, Dani Amico travels decides to do some items on her bucket list. On an abandoned island, she goes tumbling down a cellar and ended up in the year 1775 in Iain's MacKail's cellar.

Dani always had a connection to Iain even wgen reading about him in her history books. When she remembers somebody will betray him resulting in his death Dani, disguised as a boy is determined to save Iain. 

What I loved most about this book was the ease in which it was written and the simple flow of the story. The author managed to take a skeptical blurb and turn it into a fantastic novel.You could lose yourself in this story.  Great job!


Katana Collins - Enforcer

Posted on 24th May 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

To me, this book was an emotional rollercoaster. At times it brought tears to my eyes in sorrow and other times it made me smile. After reading this book my mind was just.....blown. Katana Collins, you're an excellent author and i applaud you.

The book centers around Megan and Ryan who both has ties to the Harrison Street Crew. How megan and Ryan met was completely heartbreaking but promises were made and Megan had every intention to follow through with her plot for revenge. Both Ryan and Megan had difficult childhoods and weren't to trusting of each other. After Ryan rejected her years ago Megan tries to move on with her life but without her revenge she finds it difficult to do so. With both of them denying their feelings for each other and both equally stubborn, it was a funny and well written journey.

With corrupt politicians and a drug addicted mother this story was action packed with love, lust and unexpected heroes thrown in. It was an exceptional read.


Evangeline Anderson - Cougar Bait

Posted on 23rd May 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

OH MY GOD! This book is an awesome work of art which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I didn't put down this book until it was completely finished. The author managed to place a completely different spin on mating and took it to a completely different level. IT, WAS, AWESOME! This book was just one of those books that had all your emotions engaged. I loved it.

This story revolves around alpha cougar shifter Liam and Doctor Samantha who have met in the previous book. Samantha doesn't have a good opinion of Liam but can't deny her attraction to him. She tries to use her age and lack of shifter genes to push Liam away but Liam is insistent on protecting her even if she won't mate with him.

When Samantha is placed in harm's way, Liam has to use their fledgling bond to find her and keep her safe. 

The passion in this book was unlike anything I've ever read before and I do mean that in a good way.

Evangeline Anderson manages to capture and holds your attention for this entire book. I'm definitely looking forward to more of her work, especially this series.


Sandra Owens - King of Clubs

Posted on 23rd May 2017

***Received an advanced reader's copy in exchange for a fair and honest review***

This book is book 2 in Sandra Owens's Aces and Eights series. After reading this book and posting this review I am definitely going to look for the previous book and if possible pre-order the next release. It was just that awesome. This book was a book based on trust and love and learning to accept the people you love for who they are.

Lauren and Court met on spring break just days after Lauren's divorce from her abusive husband. They fell in love and made promises to each other not knowing what would happen to their blooming relationship. After Lauren realises the danger Court will be placed in by being with her, Lauren decided to break things off unexpectedly.

Years later fate brought them back together but with the dangers still present Lauren and Court will need to trust each other in order to make it out alive. With Court being an FBI agent, Lauren needs to figure out how to trust Court's ability to protect her.

I loved reading this book and was hooked from the beginning. It has the perfect balance of love, humour and action and is just awesome to read. This book also left some questions that can only be answered by reading the next book in this series which I am definitely going to do. 

PUBLICATION DATE: 27th June 2017

Susan Owensby - True Hero

Posted on 22nd May 2017

I really don't know how to feel about this book. While the storyline is a familiar one, I always ecpect each author to put their own unique twist to it. Certain scenes of this book was definitely cringe worthy and if this book wasn't a scheduled post, I really dont think i would be able to finish it.
So this is a story of a woman who ran to protect her son and away fron her past life and dangers that threatens them. While working at a diner Ally meets Jonah, a navy SEAL who she feels drawn to. Jonah works with his family's security company and has this hot chemistry with Ally. Jonah has to work to break down Ally's walls and to get her to open up to him before her past catches up to her. With her son to protect, Ally has to learn to trust before it's too late.


Brit Constantine - The Tempest

Posted on 21st May 2017

***Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review***

Holy crap!! This book was was H-O-T hot!!!! What was even more shocking was that this book was Brit Constantine  debut novel. The writing style was amazing and the chemistry contained in this book almost caught my kindle on fire! 

Lenic "The Tempest" Reevus is the definition of hot alpha male but he's not your typical bad boy. He wears this armor to protect himself. Rarely smiles rarely laughs UNTIL Felicity came into his life.

Felicity isn't like your normal female lead, noo she's strong and funny and is able to stand up to the intimidating Lenic while pushing all his buttons. Although Lenic is closes off to everyone else, with Felicity he is able to open up more and show his flaws.

This book was intriguing because it also had alot of question marks about some of the characters. I wasn't really expecting much from this book but instead I'm shocked and hooked to Brit Constantine's work. This book is a must read guys!!


Leslie North - Breaking the Cowboy's Rules

Posted on 21st May 2017

This series so far has two amazing short story books. Trevor Wild is the co-owner of the Wildhorse Ranch with his brother Trent. Trevor is a bit reserved and broody the complete opposite of his twin Trent. Trying to garner more money and visits to the ranch, they employ glamping guru Sabrina.

Sparks fly and chemistry flares but Trevor insists on following the rules. With them being the complete opposite of each other they need to learn to compromise and work together if the want the ranch to be successful again while both denying their attraction to each other. This book was filled with humor and passion and was an easy read in my opinion. Check out my front page for my review  of book #2 of The Wildhorse Ranch Brothers series!

Publication Date: 05th May 2017

Katy Walters - The Duke needs a Wife

Posted on 21st May  2017

*** Received a reader's copy in exchange for a fair review***

This book was a short enjoyable read. Cassie and her sisters were renting but when the landlord tried blackmailing them for her sister's hand in marriage, her inherited title and land couldn't have came at a better time. When news spread everyone heard about her fortune. 

Max is a rake with little care for responsibility and only cares about his mistresses while his mother is trying to get him to settle down. With a matchmaking Dowager Duchess, her sister's unwanted suitor trying to force her to marry him and her sister Belle keeping secrets and Max trying to seduce her, Cassie has her hands full in this book but it was still quite enjoyable. It also had a bit of double romance going on. Although short, the author managed to fit in alot of different aspects into this story which just made it more enjoyable.

PUBLICATION DATE: 22nd April 2017

Sandy Wolters - Troubled Spirits

Posted on 21st May 2017

***Received a reader's copy in exchange for a fair review***

Although I'm not a big fan of ghost stories, this book was different but still really enjoyable. Jared is a PI who cant explain his reason for being drawn to an art show when he completely detests them. After meeting Jody, Jared understands the reason why. Jody has been a conduit for ghosts all her life and it has made her life difficult. Unwilling to open up herself to Jared but needing his PI skills, Jody has to fight her attraction to Jared while they work together to help the spirit. With difficult spirits draining her energy and her abilities evolving, this book was the perfect mix of mystery and love. To me this book finished too soon. I was captivated by Jody and Jared's story and honestly I wouldn't mind another book where their story continues. If you guys are a fan of Sci-fi Romance stories, this book is just the book for you 😏😏


Elizabeth Lennox - Dangerous Secrets

Posted on 19th May 2017

Elizabeth Lennox's Montana Men Series is a really enjoyable series. While this book was short I still enjoyed it. Mike is an alpha male who has been trying to get Halley for a year with her resisting every step of the way. Finally Mike broke down her walls and they got together but with Halley disappearing for hours on end and determined to keep her secrets , Mike has a tough time getting Halley to open up. With strange stuff happening in her home and Mike as the sheriff, Halley has to learn to trust and open up to Mike or she could end up in harm's way. This book is the sixth installation in this series and it was a short enjoyable read. The chemistry between them wasamazing and I couldn't get enough of them. This book was released May 15th 2017 so you guys can check it out now 🙄😊