Cover Reveals

Title: Landslide

Series: The South Beach Connection Book 1

Author: A.R. Hadley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 1, 2018



Cover Designer: Najla Qamber

Cover Images: Robert Villalta and Yoann Boyer




One summer has the power to change everything. 


One night, one choice, can alter life’s trajectory — cause the heart’s debris to slip and slide down the mountain. 


After graduating college, rising photographer Annie Baxter relocates to South Beach, Florida.


A new start.




A chance to leave behind her anxiety, her grief, and prepare her photographs for display in an art gallery. Annie is determined to mend her heart in the sand and breathe, commune with the stars and beach and old friends. 


Then Cal Prescott steps in front of her lens — a man twenty years her senior. An understated, sexy puzzle who may not wish to be solved. Cal is quiet. Strong. Eyes like the tides. Coming in, going out. Pulling her under.


They meet at a party. 




The chemistry cannot be denied. 


But they only have the summer. 




One unforgettable connection. 


But every June, July, and August must come to an end.



Something shot up Annie’s spine. Fire. Or the fear of acknowledging someone could see her there. Someone could distinguish her from all the other snowflakes and fingerprints. The fire and fear made a knot in her belly, and she began to perspire.

She glanced left, then right, playing with the necklace, noticing things in the room no one else did — symmetry and angles and imperfection — until she couldn’t help but notice him again.

His eyes engulfed her. Had they ever left her face?

Clearly, the man looked at her, or was it through her? Either way, he could see beyond her stupid trick mirror. He wasn't staring. But he saw her. No boy had ever sized her up with an audaciousness she hadn’t thought existed, and this was no boy — he was a man.










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A.R. Hadley writes imperfectly perfect sentences by the light of her iPhone.


She loves her husband.


Her children.

And Cary Grant.


She annoys those darling little children by quoting lines from Back to the Future, but despite her knowledge of eighties and nineties pop culture, she was actually meant to live alongside the Lost Generation after the Great War and write a mediocre novel while drinking absinthe with Hemingway. Instead, find her sipping sweet tea with extra lemons on her porch as she weaves fictional tales of love and angst amid reality.






Title: Faking It With The Boss

Author: Corrin Keller

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 14, 2017

Cover Design: Alexandra Haughton at



When her birthday party gets crashed by an ex announcing his engagement to her cousin, Rose Hussey declares she’s bringing her boyfriend to their Christmas wedding—only she doesn’t have one. Her sexy boss offers to fill the position, but at a cost. Faking a relationship could be tricky when her attraction to Logan is real. 

Logan Rhodes has had a thing for his curvy PA since the day she saved him from a pillow beating, but he’s not looking to date her. Logan doesn’t do relationships. A week pretending she’s his girlfriend will get him what he needs and give him a taste of something merry—her.

When fake starts feeling real, their actions, and attraction, have consequences. But there’s a magic at Christmas that fulfills desires, and what was once not meant to be could be an unexpected gift worth unwrapping.





Corrin Keller used to make up stories as a way to fall asleep. Now she’s awake late at night typing at her computer, crafting romantic tales spiked with charm and sensuality, and the occasional dose of humour.  

When she’s not writing, Corrin’s busy living her own love story, with her bus driving hero-husband, a daughter that believes she’s a princess, and a growing menagerie of pets. 










Title: Tap Left


Author: A. Zavarelli 


Genre: Contemporary Romance 


Release Date: November 2, 2017


















Former hot mess seeking dysfunctional relationship single, well-together male. Sanity preferable.





From now on, I’m going to do everything right. I’m going to make good choices. Say goodbye to the bad boys, narcissists, and emotionally unavailable men. Because starting today, I’m a girl on a mission. 





Find a man to walk me down that aisle. 





It’s a good solid plan, but there’s only one tiny hiccup. 





Adrian Daire. 





I’ve asked for his help because if anyone can make me marketable, it’s him. 





Only problem? 





He’s also one of the aforementioned emotionally unavailable bad boys/ narcissists. Oh, yeah and he slightly crushed my soul once before. But no biggie. I’ve got three whole weeks to exorcise him from my head and my heart… for good.


















































A. Zavarelli is a book junkie, cat lover, and traveler when plagued by intense cases of wanderlust. She likes all things chocolate, books that come with warnings, and putting her characters through hell. 






Her tales have been known to flirt with darkness and sometimes court it unabashedly altogether. Revenge themes and tortured souls are her favorites to write and this gives her an excuse to watch bizarre and twisted documentaries in her spare time.







She is slightly obsessed with Theo James and funny animal memes. If you don’t mind these things, you should add her on facebook.
























































Title: The Hail You Say

Series: Hail Raisers #5

Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Release Date: January 11, 2018

Model: Stu Reardon

Photographer: Furiousfotog

Cover Designer: Lani Lynn Vale



Get out!

He yelled those words at the love of his life twelve years ago, and to this day, Reed Hail regrets them. He’s always been the type of person to speak before he thinks, and apologies have never come easy.

It’s been over a decade since she was his, and he stubbornly thinks that he can keep on living without her. 

He couldn’t be more wrong.

The last thing he needs is her vagina anywhere near his exam table. But nobody ever asks him what he wants.

Maybe he should’ve gone into the auto-recovery business after all.

I hate you.

Krisney Shaw would take those words back in a heartbeat if she could. In fact, she would take back everything.

Never meeting him would be the perfect place to start. The memory of Reed Hail haunts her—morning, noon, and night.  Then, to add insult to injury, she has to see him being happy while she’s breaking a little more inside every single day.

Reed Hail is her worst nightmare because she’s constantly reminded of exactly what she’s missing—the other half of her soul.

Just when she thinks things can’t get worse, she’s sees his sexy, bearded face over the top of her paper gown, and she’s lost all over again.

Don’t ever let me go.

Both Reed and Krisney are determined to avoid each other.  They do a great job of it, too…not.

One ill-timed gynecological exam changes everything. One single second in time shows Reed what he’s missing—literally and figuratively—and suddenly he’s back at square one.

The only problem with being back at square one? He won’t be able to leave her a second time.

Especially since the first time around he didn’t have a child with her to consider.






I’m a married mother of three. My kids are all under 5, so I can assure you that they are a handful. I’ve been with my paramedic husband now for ten years, and we’ve produced three offspring that are nothing like us. I live in the greatest state in the world, Texas.



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Title: Secrets

Author: Loriana Cappello

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 16, 2017



For a long time, I couldn’t see past Daniel Grant. He was my first love; then he broke my heart.


In return, I made a mistake and settled for someone else. That someone just happened to be his brother. 


Joe never meant to hurt me. He was kind and gentle, but he was also a liar. 


This is the story of how my life was turned upside down by the good guy.


For a long time, I battled against the Grant family for my sanity and sought only to destroy those who made my life hell. 


I became bitter and twisted because of them.


Now I have someone who intends to save me. 


He’s seen first hand how I existed before him and now he wants to listen while I pour out my heart.


I am Freya.


This is my story.













Based in London, Loriana Cappello is a wife and full-time mother. She has four children who keep her very much on her toes. It's a job she loves but when her evenings become free, she hides away behind her laptop and loses herself in the depths of her imagination. 

Loriana's passion for reading started as a little girl. Her passion for romance, sometime later.




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Title: Mr. All Wrong

Author: RC Stephens

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Release Date: December 4, 2017




The first time I met Evie Harper, she threw a cream pie at my face. I actually hadn’t met her, just saw her. It was more like she hated everything I stood for and showed me her opinion with an airborne cream pie. Yes, she smacked me front and center on my face. The second time I saw Evie, I didn’t realize she was the cream-pie-throwing bandit, and she took my breath away in a flowing red gown at a gala. 


Of course I couldn’t resist her looks, so I asked her to dance. She called me a schmuck and stalked off. 


My own Cinderella ran away from me. I shouldn’t have chased her down. We were all wrong for each other. But her fire red hair and feisty personality reeled me in, and I was hooked. Chicago’s most renowned playboy was finally falling head over loafers. At least it felt that way because she was like no other woman I’d met before . . . Evie was special . . .

Problem was I had trust issues when it came to women. Freud would’ve probably said it was my mother’s doing. Somehow Evie made me believe in her . . . trust her . . .


Big damn mistake!


One I hope I won’t live to regret . . .


But then again how could someone so wrong for me turn out to be so damn perfect?






R.C. Stephens was born in Toronto, Canada. She graduated from York University with a master's Degree in Political Science.

R.C. is an avid reader, so when she isn't cooking for her clan or on her laptop writing, she's snuggled tight with her Kindle devouring any romance novel she can. Okay, with the exception of Thursday nights. She makes time for Scandal and Vampire Diaries. She's a fan of drama and suspense but she's also a sucker for a happy ending.

Her husband was her first teenage love. They live together with their three children in Toronto. Loving Canadian winters she could never think of living anywhere else.







Title: Sweet Southern Satisfaction

Series: Georgia Peaches #2

Author: Colbie Kay and Chianti Summers

Genre: Contemporary RomCom 

Release Date: November 15, 2017 




Maverick Taylor is a cocky bastard.  He’s one of the best players on and off the field, but when he meets Cydney Fisher she makes him play the toughest game he’s ever had to win.  And this is one game she is determined to make him lose.


There's no love at first sight between the pitcher and the spitfire mechanic—in fact, she hates him.  Cydney thinks she has Maverick all figured out:  sexy, rich, full of himself, and he gets whatever he wants.


But…maybe there's more to him that she realizes.


No feelings were supposed to get involved.  It was supposed to be all fun and games, but how long can they play before hearts are on the line?










Colbie Kay was born and raised in Kansas where she still resides today with her husband, kids, and their English bulldog Rubble. In 2015 she decided to give her passion of writing a go and published her first book. As an avid reader herself, Colbie loves to write her favorite genres and has so many authors that have inspired her. 

Colbie is a stay at home mom to her two wonderful kids. When she is not writing she loves to sit down with a good book and read. Loving her readers, Colbie hopes to one day meet all of you at book signings.







Chianti Summers is a military spouse, a mother, a lover of music and wine. She is also passionate about sports and that is why she pursued and obtained her degree in Sports Medicine. 

She decided to take a chance on writing in 2016. One day she would love to travel to Italy and mark it off her bucket list. Until that day comes she will continue to be taken away by reading and writing with a nice glass of wine.










Title: Every Moment With You

Series: Redeeming Love

Author: J.E. Parker

Genre: NA Romance

Release Date: November 24, 2017




Two broken hearts. One second chance.


I've loved Hendrix Cole ever since I was a little girl.

From the moment I first saw him, I knew that one day, he'd be mine.

And he was. At least... until he threw it all away.

I gave Hendrix my heart and he shattered it into a million pieces.

I begged him not to leave. Still, he walked away.

It's been six years since I've seen him.

But now a cruel twist of fate just brought us face-to-face.

He swears he never meant to hurt me.

He begs me for another chance.

I still love him. Always have. Always will.

But can I trust him?

Losing him once almost killed me.

I won't survive if it happens again.



I've loved Maddie Davis ever since I was a kid.

From the moment I first saw her, I knew that one day, she'd be mine.

I was right.

Maddie gave me her heart and I gave her my ring.

But like the screw-up my father says I am, I blew it.

Before I could explain, she vanished.

Our love? Gone in the blink of an eye.

I know I hurt her and I hate myself for it.

Now she's back.

This is my chance.

I won't let her walk away.

Not again.

Maddie is mine.




I missed him the most when it rained.

It didn’t matter if it was a full-blown thunderstorm or merely a small shower, when the sky opened up and let it fall, I thought of him.

Dark hair. Whiskey colored eyes. Sweetest smile I’d ever seen.

A young boy with dimples. A grown man with a scruffy jaw.

The feel of his touch. The taste of his lips. The smell of his skin.

I could never escape the memories. They held on, refusing to be forgotten, and made me relive it all. 

I both loved and hated it at the same time.

Heaven and hell. Bliss and misery.

The cycle never ended.

Even at night in the middle of my dreams, I couldn’t outrun him.

His voice. The way he spoke my name. The promises he whispered in my ear.

Loving him. Losing him. Flying high. Plummeting to the ground.

I constantly felt like my mind and heart were at war with one another.

One wanted to forget while the other wanted to remember.

I was fighting a losing battle. One that I was sure to never win.

He was gone. Our love… finished. But how was I supposed to live when the other half of my heart was missing? Without him, it simply didn’t beat right.

It was broken. Shattered. Damaged beyond repair.

I wasn’t living. I was just existing, floating from one moment to the next.

I hated feeling like this.

Angry. Hurt. Overflowing with pain. Bursting at the seams with sadness.

I just wanted it to stop.

Problem was, I didn’t know how to get past it.

Trust me, I’d tried to move on. I’d tried hating him. Tried forgetting him.

I’d tried letting go.

But I just couldn’t.

Even six years later, I needed Hendrix Cole like I needed my next breath. And just like if I were being deprived of oxygen, living without him was killing me. 

Physically I may have been fine, but inside I was withering away. 

Slowly but surely, what remained of both my heart and soul was dying.



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J.E. Parker is an American romance author who was born and raised in the great state of North Carolina. A southern belle at heart, she’s addicted to sweet tea, Cheerwine, and peach cobbler.


Not only is J.E. married to the man of her dreams (albeit a total pain in the rear), she’s also the mother of a herd of sweet (sometimes), and angelic (only when they’re sleeping) children. Despite their occasional demonic behavior and bottomless stomachs, J.E. loves her little tribe more than words could ever express.


On the weekends, you can find her sitting on the couch, cheering on (or cursing) her favorite football team, stuffing her face with junk food, and guzzling a bottle of cheap red wine.


When she’s not busy making sure her husband doesn’t burn the house down or acting as a referee for her fighting children, J.E. enjoys reading, writing (obviously), and listening to a wide variety of music.





Title: KAT: The Women Of...

Series: Southside Skulls Motorcycle Club

Author: Jessie Cooke

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: November 3, 2017 

“Hurricane” Katrina Brown left the Southside for a new life in California when her boyfriend thought she’d killed someone.

Now she’s returning after someone died in California and someone else is dying back home.


Faced with the demons of the past, her desires for Dax, and her anger towards Dax’s wife Angel, Kat is a wild one with a world of trouble just waiting to unravel again.


That trouble is only set to get worse when Dax makes her an offer she can’t refuse.


This is the 6th book in the Southside Skulls MC Series. It is a Standalone Romance Novel but characters from the previous novels, DAX, CODY, GUNNER, ZACK & LEVI are included in this story too. 

HEA and No cliffhanger. 

Intended for Mature Readers








Releasing October 13, 2017






Jessie Cooke writes hot romance novels about tough guys, bad boys, bikers, fighters and lovers and the women of strong character who tame them.






Title: Betrothed to the Badman

Series: Russian Bratva #8

Author: Hayley Faiman

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: October 23, 2017




Devyn O’Neil, princess of the Irish Mob, was raised to know her place. Marrying a man of her father’s choosing has always been her fate. Yet, she never imagined that one day she’d play the part of a pawn between men on the verge of war. She never dreamed she’d be betrothed to a Russian badman.


Timofei Vetrov, son of New York’s Bratva king, grew up to be a bad boy prince. Taking for granted his life of privilege, he scoffed at the rules and did as he pleased. When the Irish murdered his mother, her death changed everything. He never dreamed he’d one day be king. He never imagined such a loss would thrust him into the role of a real man.


A marriage, meant to unite the Irish with the Russians and forge a bond of peace, soon becomes much more. The fathers that bind them together cannot foresee the strength that Timofei and Devyn can uncover in their union. Together, their love has the potential to change the game entirely—yet it is a force that can only be reckoned with once found.












I was born and raised in California. My husband and I met when I was just 16. We were married a few years later, moving to Oregon while he was in the US Coast Guard. 
Texas is now where we call home, where our boots rest, and where we're raising our two little boys and a chocolate lab named Optimus Prime.



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Title: Corrode

Series: Surface Rust

Author: Ella Fields

Genre: Contemporary/2nd Chance Romance

Release Date: November 4, 2017



It didn't matter how young we were.

We just knew.

Forever was stamped on our hearts, no matter what forces tried to keep us apart. 

They tried, and they failed.


We were happy. 

We lived, we loved, and we made plans.

But as the years went by, we watched helplessly as those plans faded into dusty aspirations.


Yet we endured. 

Time and time again, we came out stronger.

Until life threw the ultimate test our way, and he surrendered.


Defeated and desperate, he made a choice. 

One that tore all our promises in two—leaving me pregnant, alone, and terrified. 


Now he's free, and that love is still there.

It's everything else that's changed.


Trigger warning: this book contains some sensitive subject matter.




Want to be reminded when CORRODE is live?!






Ella Fields is a mother and wife who lives in the land Down Under. While her kids are in school, you might find her talking about her characters and books to her two cats. She's a notorious chocolate and notebook hoarder who enjoys creating hard-won happily ever afters.

For exclusive excerpts and news about upcoming releases, join Ella's Tea Room







Title: Rose Reborn 

Series: Death's Contract Book One

Author: KJ Harlow

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Release Date: October 17, 2017




I was murdered in an alleyway, 2 gunshots through my skull.

Next thing I know, I was reborn as a modern-day reaper armed with a holy gun. My mission: take down Dante and stop him from building his undead army. Piece of cake, right? Not when him and the Tormented come back to life every time I shoot them.

By the way I’m Rose Eaving, Deliverer of Conflicted souls to the Underworld. I’m a… contractor of sorts. My boss? Let’s just say he’s not fun at parties. Anyway, I’m not doing this gig just for kicks. In exchange for defeating Dante and the Tormented, I’ll get a second chance at life on the Overworld.

My first assignment went horribly wrong; top secret intel was leaked out to the Tormented and all fingers were pointed at me. The second was also a complete failure. For the third, I was handed the leadership with clear instructions: kill the newest member of the Tormented. There’s only one problem: he’s someone from my past.





You know that kid who always had their stories read out at the front of the class? Or the one who collected awards for their poetry? Yeah, that kid was me... over 10 years ago. 


Somewhere along the way, I got lost. Got a job. Started a family. Mortgage. Taxes. I stopped creating. Then in May 2017, I started writing creatively again. A little over three months and 150,000+ words later, my first two books are out. 


I'm a writer of Urban Fantasy. As a reader, I have a soft spot towards epic fantasy. Thanks for reading, your support makes everything possible.





Title: Levi

Series: Southside Skulls Motorcycle Club #5

Author: Jessie Cooke

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: October 13, 2017




The night Levi's soulmate Krissy, got on the back of his fathers bike, it was the start of an unbelievable ride on the road to a new reality.


When you love someone so much that your souls are connected, that connection is forever.


A heart wrenching love story that will captivate you to the turn of the final page.


One night, one decision and everything changes.


This is the 5th book in the Southside Skulls MC Series.

It is a Standalone Romance Novel but characters from the previous novels, DAX, CODY, GUNNER & ZACK are in this story too. 

HEA and No cliffhanger.

Intended for Mature Readers.









Jessie Cooke writes hot romance novels about tough guys, bad boys, bikers, fighters and lovers and the women of strong character who tame them.